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Shopping Leblon, 04:00PM

Via Flickr:
Hero pen with bulletproof black ink and watercolor on Moleskine Sketchbook (5X8.2 in)

Caneta-tinteiro Hero com tinta indelével preta e aquarela em sketchbook Moleskine (13X21 cm)

In Brazil, pão de queijo is a popular breakfast and frequently had as a snack. Made of cassava starch, very accessible, a lot of people habitually buy the mix and bake it at home rather than buying it ready, although pão de queijo is broadly sold at snack bars and bakeries. "Casa do Pão de Queijo", a specialized national chain, has expanded considerably in the past few years, based on their recipe that produces a distinctive, slightly sour version. Pão de queijo can also be bought frozen at supermarkets to be baked personally, including brands like Forno de Minas, Casa do Pão de Queijo and many others. Additionally, in Brazil, cheese puff mix packages are easily found in most supermarkets. Some mainstream brands are 'Yoki' and 'Hikari'. Dozens more are being sold currently, and many are produced locally, depending on the brands of even particular supermarkets.

For Cheese bread see @ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheese_bun#Brazil
For Minas Cheese see @ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minas_cheese

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